Enjoy daily skin to skin contact to boost your baby's development. It's easy with the Kangaroo Care Clothing Collection from Vija Design

Enjoying daily skin to skin contact with your baby is called Kangaroo Care and it is now recognised as one of the most valuable experiences you can share with your newborn baby. When babies are held against their parent's chest in skin to skin contact their physical and cognitive development are boosted. They are calmed by the close contact which releases 'oxytocin' a hormone linked to attachment and love.  The soothing sound of their parent's familiar heartbeat and voice enhances the calming effect, supporting healthy sleep which is essential to optimal brain development.  Breastfeeding inititation and continuation rates are high where skin to skin contact is shared between mum and baby regularly.  During skin to skin contact parent and baby enjoy a deep sense of contentment and bonding.  To learn about these benefits read our page 'What is Kangaroo Care?'.

 The Kangaroo Care Clothing Collection from Vija Design makes it easy to enjoy daily skin to skin cuddles with our stylish, supportive range of tops for mums and dads.

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