Kangaroo Care vs. Baby Carrying - What's the difference?

What could be better than keeping your baby close in a sling or baby carrier?  It’s a practical way to soothe your child whilst being able to get on with daily tasks, everybody wins. 
From birth to 3 months Kangaroo Care takes things a step further and harnesses the incredible power of touch by placing a baby (dressed only in a nappy) in direct Skin-to-Skin Contact on their parent's bare chest.  Placed in close physical contact like this the baby is comforted by their parent’s warmth, the soothing sound of their heartbeat and pheromones.  Babies placed skin-to-skin reach a state of deep sleep which aids brain development.  Research in neonatal care has shown that babies who have one hour skin-to-skin contact a day show increased mental and physical development, they develop secure attachment with care givers, are more likely to successfully breastfeed and show good weight gain.  Read more here.
For parents it alleviates symptoms of post-natal depression through high dose releases of Oxytocin stimulated specifically by skin to skin contact in the chest area.  Evidence shows too that parents who practise Kangaroo Care are more sensitive to their infants cues and feel more connected to their children at an earlier age.  The latest NHS research shows that full term babies as well as those born early receive significant benefits from Kangaroo Care.
Most baby carriers are not designed for this purpose and lack the flexibility and discretion to make kangaroo care comfortable and easy to achieve in all settings. The VIJA range of stylish and comfortable clothing enables discreet skin-to-skin contact anytime, anywhere.  This enables parents to incorporate Kangaroo Care into their daily lives in a practical way allowing them to reap the developmental benefits for their child no matter what their schedule or routine is.


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