Ten Ways to Wear your Camisole and Cummerband Set - Versatile style for pregnancy, kangaroo care and breastfeeding

The Camisole and Cummerband set is a versatile combination that can be used during pregnancy, for Kangaroo Care from birth until 4-6 months and then afterwards as a nursing top.  It is stylish to wear and easy to use, providing a secure hands-free carry without the need for tying or wrapping.  Currently on sale at just £49.99.


1) Use the cummerband under your clothes as a belly band, giving bump and hip support in late pregnancy and during the early stages of labour. 

2) Wear the camisole throughout your pregnancy, its clever design creates a flattering fit over your bump and the crossover style elegantly accomodates growing breasts.  You can add the cummerband over the camisole to maintain support for your bump.

3) Don't forget to pack your camisole and cummerband in your hospital bag.  You can wear your baby as soon as they are born and there are many benefits for baby and you from Skin-to-Skin Contact during your baby's first hour.

4) You can use the cummerband for easy Kangaroo Care and you can pop it on dad too so he can enjoy Skin-to-Skin cuddles with your new baby, always use while seated or reclined.

5) The stylish camisole can be used to hold your baby close during Kangaroo Care; keep a hand free to offer extra support whilst walking around.

6) Combine your camisole and cummerband for easy, hands free carrying up to approximately 4-6 months enabling you to enjoy Kangaroo Care anytime anywhere.

7)  The three layers created by the camisole and cummerband together make it a quick and easy carrying option that requires absolutely no tying or wrapping and it can be used with baby lightly clothed, not just for Skin-to-Skin contact.

8) Wear the cummerband under your clothes to give comfortable support to your post-partum tummy.

9) Use the cummerband under your clothes whilst breastfeeding.  Wear a loose top that can be pulled up, keep the cummerbund snug up to your bra line giving access to the breast whilst maintaining warmth on your tummy (good for milk flow) and discretion.

10) The side openings on your camisole provide easy access to the breast for feeding, you can wear it as a stylish top for the entire duration of breastfeeding, it looks great on with or without your baby tucked inside! 


SAFE POSITIONING - Whether you are using the cummerband or camisole individually or together the correct position for baby is the same.  Place baby upright on your chest, tucked up high so their head is just under your chin and their arms and head are above your breasts.  Their bottom should be tucked under with their knees roughly inline with their belly button, this will tilt their pelvis away from you and allow the natural curve of their back to bring their head and neck into your body. Always ensure they are fully upright, their face is visible and their chin is up, resting on your chest not dropping down onto their own chest which may restrict their airway.  Babies will usually turn their head to one side, if not you can gently reposition them so they are facing to the side or looking up.  You can find out more about safe positioning by reading the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing.

CUMMERBAND - put the cummerband on, push it down to your waist, position baby safely on your chest then gently bring the cummerbund up over them until the top is resting at the back of baby's neck.  Do not bring it over their head.


CAMISOLE - wear the camisole without a bra for kangaroo care, or with a bra if you are using to for general carrying.  Place baby on your chest, or slightly up onto one shoulder.  Bring the crossover layers out, but do not pull them down, slide baby gently down so one leg goes into each cross over layer.  Check they are safely postioned, as described above, then make sure each crossover layer covers your baby's spine and rests into each knee pit, their lower legs and feet should be visible to either side.  The tilted position of baby's pelvis will bring their head to rest against your chest and is supported.  However, if you wish to add extra support you can bring the crossover layer nearest the back of their head up over their hair to the back of baby's ears.

CAMISOLE AND CUMMERBAND - once baby is fitted into the camisole bring the cummerband up to their back of their neck, you can leave it covering baby's legs or reduce its width so their lower legs are visible, which can be useful in warmer weather.

The most versatile maternity and new mum garment in the UK!

With so many ways to use the camisole and cummerband we frequently hear from customers that it is the best puchase they made as a new or expectant parent!  The cummerband and camisole can be bought individuallly or as a set and at just £49.99, buying the combination together represents a saving of £10.  Finally, did we mention?  It now comes in six stunning colours.



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    I really like the camisole and cummerband and was wondering how this would fit for twins. Did anyone try it with twins? would it be advisable?

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