Carrying Your Baby in Your Kangaroo Care Garment

Did you know that you can carry your baby for hours at a time in direct skin to skin contact using a triple layered Kangaroo Care Garment?

You can perform all sorts of tasks around the house and run errands wherever you might need to, the supermarket, the doctors office, visiting friends and family... All whilst providing the incredible benefits of Kangaroo Care to your little one. 

The other great advantage? It is as easy as 1,2,3 to get your baby into the ideal carrying position against your skin. No awkward or cumbersome wraps to wrestle with a Kangaroo Care Garment, in fact the Garments look like stylish, casual daily activewear when you're not carrying your baby.

In 3 easy steps your baby is securely placed in an ideal carry position with the advantage that the garment is design to assist in creating the right position, no more back pain or adjusting constantly on the go trying to find the optimum carry position.  Checking your baby is safe and comfortable is also quick and easy, their face should be fully visible with their chin tilted toward you, Kangaroo Care is always done with baby upright on your chest, with their head above the breast area, nestled under your chin.  Securing your baby and performing a basic safety check takes just a matter of minutes leaving you with your hands free.

Vija Design UK offers 4 options suitable for hands free carrying:

The Classic Short Sleeved Tee:

The incredibly versatile Cami and Cummerbund set:


Read Ten Ways to wear your Camisole and Cummerband here.

The Men's classic Tee:


And the Wrap Top.

Here's what our customer Victoria said about carrying using our Classic Short Sleeved Tee:

It arrived this morning- thanks so much for sending it so speedily!

If I could offer one other word in the way of feedback I hope you wouldn't be offended... I don't usually get so involved with every purchase I make!!

When I first ordered my sling top I felt very much that I wasn't your target market as my baby was already a few weeks old and was a bouncing rapidly growing boy and not a little preemie. I thought I was probably wasting my money as he would grow out of it so quickly but I just couldn't resist trying it. However, as my second sling top purchase will attest(!) it has had endless use ... I also have a close caboo and I loved this until I received my top. My caboo hasn't had an outing since as although it's easy it's nowhere near AS easy. It's not as comfortable either- I can wear the sling top with henry in there for much of the day and have never experienced the slightest twinge of discomfort whereas he soon felt heavy in the caboo as it was easy to get the carry very slightly wrong... Just wanted to share that with you in case other potential customers are hesitant as I was in case you can use any of that to persuade them. I don't know why I'm so evangelical about it- it's just made the last couple of months really easy and fun- that's probably enough reason!!

Thanks again,

We are most certainly not offended!  We are thrilled that Victoria loved her Vija experience so much that she shared it with us!  Thank you Victoria and we wish you many more weeks and months of valuable skin-to-skin carrying!

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