Safe Kangaroo Care Carrying that meets the TICKS Guidelines

How can a nursing top help you safely carry your baby?

Imagine being able to keep your baby close, enjoying skin to skin contact or safe hands-free babywearing in a comfortable stylish top you can wear even after take your baby out.  The Vija Design Kangaroo Care Collection was created by Vivianne Brault in Canada who saw a need for easy to use, stylish solutions to Kangaroo Care.  Vivianne is a successful sports active wear designer.  She decided to innovate and produce comfortable, supportive dailywear that enable parents to hold their babies skin to skin after her own daughter was born prematurely and she saw the extraordinary results Kangaroo Care offered her baby.  Each item has been carefully designed to ensure the baby is held securely in an upright position that meets the TICKS Babywearing Guidelines and items with three layers can be used for easy hands free carrying.  As they are nursing garments rather than baby carriers they can be worn comfortably all day and look great without a baby in as well. 

           Vivianne with her daughter Anais in 2003.

The range includes fashionable nursing tops at home in any new mum's wardrobe as well as options for dads and specialist items for use with premature babies in NICUs.  They are used widely across Canada and the USA for Kangaroo Care and arrived in the UK this spring.  Unlike slings or wraps the Vija Design Collection is worn like your normal clothes, it looks stylish with or without your baby inside and can be easily adjusted without the need for tying long lengths of material.

Classic Ladies T-Shirt               Men's T-Shirt          Camisole and Cummerband Set      Wrap Top


What is Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo Care is the beneficial practice of spending time in skin to skin contact with your baby.  The physiological benefits include regulation of temperature and heart rate which reduces stress and aids growth, promotion of breastfeeding, immunological protection through the sharing of microbial agents between parent and child, and enhancement of brain development by supporting both periods of deep, restful sleep for the infant and time spent in the 'quiet alert' state that augments early cognitive growth.  Every baby can benefit from daily skin to skin contact and with the Vija Design Collection it's easy to enjoy this special connection anytime, anywhere.  Items with three layers such as the mens and ladies' t-shirts, wrap top and our best selling camisole and cummerband set are suitable for hands free carrying up to 7kgs.  Simpler items like the kangaroo tube support baby during kangaroo care whilst seated.

How they work

Designed with comfort and security in mind, the clothing with cross-over layers supports babies in a spread squat position as recommended by carrying consultants and neonatologists. 

 'newborn''approx 1-6 months'.

The baby is placed upright on the parent's chest, supported in an ergonomical positiont that offers optimal support to their spine and hips, this example shows inside the camisole.  When worn with the cummerband to create a third layer it offers hands free carrying.    The T-shirt and wrap top have three layers incorporated into their design.  

Babies should be held upright, on the parent's chest with their face clear and their airway protected.  The Vija Design Collection enables parents to meet the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing. 


If your baby is premature or low birth weight always consult with your health professional before using the Kangaroo Care Collection.  The tops can be used from any birth weight up to 6-7kgs.  There is a specialist range for use in NICUs etc and our team can support your local unit in obtaining the best garments for their needs. All the clothing comes with clear instructions and safety guidelines printed inside the item.  Using the correct size of top is important so do check the sizing chart for each item.

Other benefits

Each item in the collection (including the mens' t-shirt which can be worn by mums too) offers easy, discreet nursing access.  They are made of breathable cotton and spandex offering comfort and support to postnatal bodies.  Babies can be carried in the collection with only a nappy on for skin to skin contact, or lightly clothed making them a practical carrying solution for the first six months.

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