What parents think about the Vija Design Kangaroo Care Collection


Families across the UK enjoying skin to skin contact and easy, comfortable baby carrying with the Vija collection.

Vivianne Brault, the Canadian fashion designer who created the Vija Design collection wanted to offer style and simplicity to new parents who were caring for their babies, whether full term or premature.  With personal experience of caring for a premature baby, Vivianne has incorporated flattering, comfortable fashion with a supportive and practical way to carry babies from birth to approx six months.

Read what recent purchasers have to say about the Vija Design Kangaroo Care Collection.

Such an invaluable product! Thank you :-)

The moment the Vija top came through our door was a real turning point for myself & my daughter. We'd had a difficult start after discovering little Fern had lost 12% of her birth weight when she was 3 days old. It's a long story but we ended up back in hospital when she was 5 days old & subsequently we eventually ended up giving up breastfeeding. A heartbreaking & gut wrenching decision. It was such a stressful time. 

Nicole suggested that baby wearing & lots of skin to skin could help us through this tough spell & help us develop a strong bond. 

The first time I popped Fern in the Vija top I was amazed at how simple it was & Fern instantly loved it! She was so content in there & the closeness felt wonderful. Whilst she snoozed against my chest I was able to potter about the house catching up on jobs I'd previously not been able to do one handed! 

We haven't looked back since, we use the top to help Fern settle, for walking the dog & general Mummy & Baby time! 


This is such a wonderful product. I have three children and this is the single best baby/ child product I have ever bought. I hesitated to buy it as my son was already six weeks old when I came across this baby wearing top and I was worried we wouldn't get much use out of it. On the contrary Is have worn it every single day and have just ordered a second for my holiday even though in a matter of weeks he'll have outgrown it. Such is my love for this top! Initially I enjoyed having the baby tucked in there for skin to skin cuddles but increasingly I use it as a very convenient and snuggly sling, popping the baby in for school runs and on a million other occasions throughout the day. He is extremely happy and comfortable in there and usually falls to sleep quite quickly. It is also fab for very discreet breastfeeding and (this is where I start to sound like I'm on commission!!) is even rather flattering in the post natal tum as is quite supportive round the middle. I hope others enjoy this lovely thing as much as I have and I hope whoever designed it can come up with something suitable for bigger babies too as standard slings seem like a big faff now I've been spoiled by this one.

Thank you!! 

 Great for skin to skin bonding !!

I am a second time mom and was feeling away from my newborn when my toddler demands more attention.  So I  bought this camisole and it is a God Send.  I had my newborn in it from one week and my hands are free to play with my toddler and still have cuddles with my little one :-) 
The material is very soft and stretchable.  A good product for the great price :-) would highly recommend if u r a mom who wants special bonding with your little ones . Thank you

View the Vija Design Kangaroo Care Collection here: http://www.vija-design.co.uk/collections/frontpage

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