What could be better for your baby than Skin to Skin Contact or Babywearing?  Doing both with Hands Free Kangaroo Care!

Hands free Kangaroo Care combines two of the most beneficial ways to care for your newborn, Skin to Skin Contact and Babywearing.  

Hands Free Kangaroo Care in a Camisole and Cummerband 


Kangaroo Care is recommended by neonatal specialists around the world for all babies. The universal appeal of skin to skin contact is not always widely known.  Every baby can benefit from daily skin to skin contact and being carried close to their parent or caregiver. So while some see Skin to Skin Contact as an activity only necessary immediately following birth and others see it as a lifeline for premature babies, aiding them in stabilising vital signs and protecting them from stress it is in fact hugely beneficial for all babies.  Many families instinctively place their babies on their chest if they are unsettled, and find the reaction is almost magical!  The otherwise inconsolable infant is soothed by the warmth of their parent's body, calmed by their voice and heart beat, and falls into a blissful sleep.  Read more about the Top Ten Benefits of Kangaroo Care here. 


'The optimal environment for a newborn baby is on their mother's chest'

Nils Bergman, Neuroscientist


Babies who are worn (carried in a sling, wrap, kangaroo care top or baby carrier) tend to cry less, sleep more and show less symptoms of reflux and colic.  Their development is enhanced by close contact with a care-giver, including emotional attachments, social interactions, upper body tone, healthy spine and hip development and a strong vestibular system. 

Hands Free Kangaroo Care in Vija Design clothing Support your baby in a natural, ergonmic position

Babies held in skin to skin contact remain in deep, restful sleep for longer, have shorter periods of fussiness and crying, maintain regular heart and respiration rates, and gain weight quicker than those not held skin to skin.  This can be very important for babies born early, but has enormous benefit for all babies.  In addition their immune systems are boosted as is brain development which depends on strong attachment with a caregiver and lots of uninterrupted periods of sleep. 

In hospital or at home, immediately following birth, skin to skin contact is a static activity, parents can relax in a semi-reclined position, with lots of support for post-partum bodies, and enjoy holding their baby against their chest.  It can be a time for feeding or just bonding and is best done with a layer of clothing over baby and parent to ensure their shared warmth is not lost.  By using Kangaroo Care Clothing parents can relax more as the garments are designed to support the baby in the optimal position.




Hands Free Kangaroo Care is carrying your baby in skin to skin contact.  It combines the closeness of skin to skin contact with the benefits of carrying your baby in a way that frees up your hands to get on with daily tasks, enables parents to connect with their babies every day whilst also meeting their own needs and those of other family members.  Using Kangaroo Care Clothing designed to enable hands-free carrying they can continue to enjoy skin to skin contact wherever and whenever they wish.  All our garments state if they are suitable for hands free carrying.  At all times the wearer should be aware of their baby's movements and should follow the guidelines for safe babywearing, TICKS.

TICKS rule for Safey Babywearing and Hands Free Kangaroo Care





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