Something Very Special for New Mums. Using a Kangaroo Care top is soothing for mums and babies.

Something Very Special for New Mums. Using a Kangaroo Care top is soothing for mums and babies.

Vija Design Kangaroo Care Clothing

Holding your baby close can be soothing for you both, enhancing early bonding, easing you into the new and sometimes overwhelming role as a parent, and creating precious memories of your first days and weeks together.  Skin to skin contact is beneficial for babies in many fundamental ways. It strengthens cognitive growth, supports physical development, and regulates essential systems such as body temperature, respiration and heart rate, thereby reducing stress.  For the parent it can be reassuring to know your baby is safe and close to you while you go about your day. The close physical contact stimulates oxytocin in both parent and child creating a close connection and enhancing your growing bond.  Mother's who include at least an hour's skin to skin contact in their daily routines showed reduced signs of Post Natal Depression and anxiety.  Faye and her daughter had a challenging start and found the time they spent in skin to skin contact was truly healing.  Here is their lovely story.

The moment the Vija top came through our door was a real turning point for myself and my daughter. We'd had a difficult start after discovering our little Fern had lost 12% of her birth weight when she was 3 days old. It's a long story but we ended up back in hospital when she was 5 days old and subsequently we eventually ended up giving up breastfeeding. A heartbreaking and gut wrenching decision. It was such a stressful time.

Nicole suggested that baby wearing and lots of skin to skin could help us through this tough spell and help us develop a strong bond.

The first time I popped Fern in the Vija top I was amazed at how simple it was and Fern instantly loved it! She was so content in there and the closeness felt wonderful. Whilst she snoozed against my chest I was able to potter about the house catching up on jobs I'd previously not been able to do one handed!

We haven't looked back since, we use the top to help Fern settle, for walking the dog and general Mummy and Baby time!

From Faye and Fern

Faye holding her daughter close in the Kangaroo Care Camisole  


Nicole Hastie

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