How to get the best from your Kangaroo Care clothing; benefits, safety and instructional videos.

BENEFITS: Vija Design's range is designed to give parents warmth, support and discretion during skin to skin contact with their baby.  Holding your baby upright against your chest in direct skin to skin contact, for at least 20-60 minutes a day, has been clinically proven to improve outcomes for both baby and parents.  Well being, immunity, growth, and the development of baby's brain, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems are all improved through regular skin to skin contact.  Parents feel less anxious and become more attuned to their babies following skin to skin contact reducing the risks of post-natal depression and anxiety and alleviating the symptoms where it does occur.

SAFETY: It is important to be safe during skin to skin contact; make sure you are seated comfortably, if the product you are using is not hands free, and that you have read and understood the safety and fitting guidance.  Watching our instruction videos can be very helpful in using the three layered hands free options. Care should be taken at all times to ensure your baby is securely positioned, with their face visible and their head and chin supported to ensure it does not rest on their this can compromise breathing.

Falling asleep with your baby on your chest or in your arms, particularly on a sofa, increases the risk of SIDS.  If you feel tired ask someone to sit with you so you can safely nap with baby on your chest, do not sleep unattended with baby on your chest or in arms.

When using Kangaroo Care clothing or wraps always follow the safety information provided in when you purchase the product.  And remember the TICKs Rule for Safe Babywearing.  You can find out more about TICKs by watching the instruction videos linked below. 

     safe positioning for skin to skin contact                          TICKs Rule for Safebabywearing

WARMTH: Babies absorb warmth from their parent during skin to skin contact and this aids growth and development by reducing the amount of calories they have to expend to maintain their temperature, and by lowering stress levels caused by body temperature fluctuations.  But exposing your baby by holding them skin to skin, even in a temperate room, without something covering their body can cause heat loss.  Using a tube, vest or top for skin to skin contact prevents warmth being lost, the cotton/elastane mix used is breathable and reduces the risk of overheating.  A mother's body can regulate their own skin temperature, cooling or warming in response to baby's skin, but it is still important that both mums and dads remember to keep baby's face uncovered at all times, and check they are not too warm. 

SUPPORT: Using specially designed kangaroo care clothing makes it easier to enjoy skin to skin contact by distributing baby's weight ergonomically which supports their back and hips and takes the strain away from the parent's arms and neck compared to holding baby 'in arms' for the same period of time.  

DISCRETION:  Using a kangaroo care top you are ready for skin to skin contact anytime, anywhere.  The clothing range can be worn as an everyday top and looks great with or without baby on your chest.  All the products can be used for breastfeeding as the layers provide discreet access to the breast.  The simple tubes, vests and the camisole can be used to feed baby whilst skin to skin, but remember to place them safely back in an upright position when the feed is finished and check their face is uncovered and chin off their chest at all times.

Choosing what to wear for skin to skin contact.

The range includes simple tubes and vests that enable skin to skin contact around the home, designed mainly for when you are seated or semi-reclined.  These are simple and quick to put on, and can be worn under other clothes when not in use for skin to skin contact.  The Simply Skin to Skin range starts at just £14.99.

This photo tutorial shows how to put on the Kangaroo Tube Halter Neck Vest, with thanks to Samantha Potter at Sling Solutions for the beautiful photos.


Our 'Hands Free' range includes options for mums and dads starting at £48.99.  They enable the parent to hold their baby in skin to skin contact with their hands free to cuddle or stroke baby, enjoy reading or grabbing a well earned drink and a snack.  Finding time to enjoy skin to skin contact with your baby is a very rewarding way to bond with your new child and to support their physical, cognitive and emotional development making it an important tool for all new parents. Items are clearly labelled on the website to show they are 'Hands Free'.  They are not baby carriers, but can support skin to skin contact from birth to around 3-4 months old. 

Follow the safety information and fitting guidance at all times; baby must be supported by all three layers to offer sufficient support for hands free skin to skin contact.  Care should be taken at all times to ensure your baby is securely positioned, with their face visible and chin off their chest.  These videos take you step by step through how to place your baby securely and also explain how to complete the TICKs checklist.   They are quick and easy to follow meaning you can enjoy skin to skin contact whilst on the go or around the home.



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