Hospital Products for Full term and Premature Babies


We are the UK's leading kangaroo care supplier to the NHS. The Vija Design Prema range is designed for specialist use in hospital settings and are suitable for all babies full-term or pre-term. Garments are one size fits all and adjust by wrap and tie to achieve this.

Many Trusts across the country make use of our garments in Maternity, SCBU, LNU and NICU wards.

Using our specialist wraps makes it easier to position baby safely, supports breastfeeding and expressing and provides warmth, comfort and discretion. Parents who use our wraps for skin to skin contact with their premature baby report feeling more relaxed and comfortable resulting in longer periods of Kangaroo Care.

Our Institutional garments facilitate access for standard procedures and tubing etc. for monitoring and care of premature infants whilst ensuring infants are also extremely comfortable.  

Discounts for NHS Buyers

NHS Approved SupplierIf you are an NHS buyer or are buying 6 or more garments as a gift to a local unit then you can benefit from our NHS discount program. For 6-15 Garments use code NHS10 to receive 10% off retail. For 15+ garments use code NHS15 to receive 15% off retail.


Created in collaboration with ergonomists and neonatal care specialists, nurses and paediatricians by Vivianne Brault, a fashion designer whose experience of Kangaroo care with her premature daughter inspired her to design the range.

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