Bliss Logo

Bliss exists to ensure that every baby born premature or sick in the UK has the best chance of survival and quality of life.

Since being set up in 1979, Bliss has been the leading national charity for premature and sick babies and their families. They:

  • Provide emotional support and practical advice to parents and families
  • Work with health professionals and decision makers to improve neonatal services
  • Fund life changing research projects
  • Campaign to ensure every baby receives the very best care in hospital

Bliss gives parents the confidence to be involved in their babies’ journey and focussing around family-centred care they encourage skin-to-skin contact, also known as Kangaroo Care. Proven benefits include improvements with lactation and with establishing breastfeeding, and better weight gain for the baby. In the longer term, it helps parents to feel closer to their babies and more confident in caring for them.

You can find out more information in their skin-to-skin booklet which can be ordered for free along with a wide range of publications in their shop.

Bliss champions the right for every baby born premature or sick to receive the best care. It achieves this by empowering families, influencing policy and practice, and enabling life-changing research. Bliss’ focus is to reach the 90,000 babies born premature or sick each year in the UK.

To help Bliss achieve this goal we make a donation for each Vija Design product purchased by members of the public.

For more about Bliss please visit their website or if you need direct support you can call their helpline on 0500 618140 or email

Registered charity no. 1002973                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Scottish registered charity SC040878