Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kangaroo Care/Kangaroo Mother Care?

Kangaroo Care (KC) or Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) as it is also known, involves the mother or father holding their baby in skin to skin contact against their chest for as much of the day as possible (20 mins per day minimum is required to establish the benefits, more to maximise).  The method is an extremely powerful and beneficial practise for the care and development of all newborn babies (whether healthy full term or premature/low birth weight.  Multiple studies have established that babies given regular Kangaroo care develop cognitively and physically faster than those who have not.

In most modern hospitals Kangaroo Care is seen as an important part of the care your baby receives.  UNICEF/WHO guidelines recommend parents are able to have as much skin to skin contact as they wish provided baby is stable.  

What is Skin-to-Skin Contact?

Essentially it is when a parent holds their baby(ies) on their chest in direct contact with each other’s skin. Baby is usually wearing a nappy and should be placed vertically between the mother's breasts, directly on her skin. Dads may also participate with the baby placed on their chest directly on their skin.  It is usually more comfortable to do skin to skin with something on to keep you warm.  Our range of kangaroo care clothing enables you to enjoy skin to skin contact in comfort.  See all our recent blogs to find out more about the incredible benefits enjoying skin to skin contact with your baby.

How do I get the most from skin to skin contact?

Skin to Skin Contact can be practiced continuously over long periods of time or can take place intermittently (at least 60 minutes at a time is recommended to achieve the maximum benefits). Using skin to skin clothing or a kangaroo care wrap can help you hold baby in the right position for skin to skin contact making it more comfortable.  With baby well supported you can relax and enjoy the interaction.  Our hands free options make it easy to enjoy skin to skin contact on the go.

If possible take the opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted hour of skin to skin contact immediately post birth and continue daily throughout your baby’s ‘fourth trimester’ the first three months after their birth.  There are benefits to continuing regular skin to skin contact with your baby throughout their first year. 

Which of your garments are suitable for hands free carrying?

Garments with 3 layers of support can be used hands free.  These include our Classic Short Sleeved and Long Sleeved Ladies Tee, our Men's Tee, and our Camisole + Bandeau (when worn together).  Items that are designed to support skin to skin contact mostly whilst seated/semi-reclined can be found in our ‘simply skin to skin’ collection.

How do I use the Kangaroo Care Garments safely?

By following the safety information inside your garment you can place your baby safely and meet the TICKS Guidelines for Safe Babywearing.  We also have videos showing how to position your baby safely.  Visit our 'how to use with your baby' page or our YouTube Channel to see the videos.

Which of your garments are suitable for Kangaroo Care with premature babies?

All of our garments are designed to fit well on babies of all sizes however some garments are more suited for premature babies or have specific design features to assist with preterm neonatal care.  Our Prema Range is specifically designed for hospital use and has many features to assist with KMC for the smallest infants.  For home use after discharge all of our garments are suitable and safe for infants of all sizes and weights up to 15lbs depending on the design, the most important thing is to get the right fit on the parent. 

Note: For Premature Babies, Low Weight Babies and those with health problems always practice Skin-to-Skin/Kangaroo Care under the guidance of your health professional. Seek guidance to ensure safe and best practice before product use.

Can I wash my Vija Design Garment?

Yes the Vija Design Kangaroo Care Clothing Collection can be washed, full instructions are on the clothing label.  Our Prema Wrap range can be washed at high temperatures are required by hospital standards.

Who Designed the VIJA range of Kangaroo Care Garments?

VIJA DESIGN garments were developed by Fashion Utility Designer Vivianne Brault who was inspired by her own experience of Kangaroo Mother Care and Skin-to-Contact with her premature baby. She developed the garments in collaboration with ergonomists and neonatal care specialists, nurses and paediatricians.

Where are your garments manufactured?

All of our garments are manufactured ethically in Canada under the close supervision of creator, Vivianne Brault.  The cotton used is certified as free from harmful substances according to standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

I am an NHS buyer are there discounts for institutional purchasers?

We are dedicated to promoting best practice KMC in the UK for all parents and infants.  As such we have exceptionally good pricing for Institutional purchases and we also offer discount schemes for parents of infants in neonatal care through our NHS partners.  To purchase at the institutional rates or to join our discounting scheme please visit our NHS Buyers page.

Can VIJA garments be worn as nursing tops after my baby is too large for Kangaroo Care?

All VIJA garments have nursing access and can be worn as stylish nursing tops for as long as you choose to breastfeed.

I am a retailer is there a wholesale option to stock Vija Design Garments in my shop?

We are always happy to speak to retailers interested in stocking Vija Design (UK) garments - please contact us at and our sales team will get back to you.

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