Safe positioning for skin to skin contact in our kangaroo care clothing.

It is important to ensure your baby is safely supported in a stable position during skin to skin contact. To help you place your baby safely in our garments we have clear guidance inside the products (see example below) and all items come with step by step instructions.  You can view our instructional videos below, these are also linked on each product page and can all be found on our YouTube Channel. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them at all times.  We also recommend follow the TICKs guidelines for safe Babywearing.   

The Vija Design range are not baby carriers but they enable skin to skin carrying from birth to approx 15lbs.  Products which are suitable for hands free carrying are clearly labelled as such, all other products are designed to support your baby in a stable position for skin to skin contact whilst seated or reclined.

Note: For Premature Babies, Low Weight Babies and those with health problems always practice Skin-to-Skin/Kangaroo Care under the guidance of your health professional. Seek guidance to ensure safe and best practice before product use.

TICKs Guidlines for Safe Babywearing

Kangaroo T-Shirt Instructional Video for Women's and Men's T-Shirts.

Kangaroo Camisole Set Instructional Video